in the nature of things
Wherever it looped or ran
Some form or other
A brief suspension
From things that came before
All indifferent decay
A similar effect
forest and field
ground /// terrain
swarm + nest
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  Some form or other
Cerritos College Art Gallery, CA, Cerritos, 2020-2021
_ archival inkjet prints, sharpie, cardboard, plexiglass, metal, plastic, glass, wood, cement, stryofoam. 2020
Presented as part of WINDOW DRESSING (an annual cycle of installations in the exterior vitrine of the Cerritos College Art Gallery), Some form or other uses
recycled and found materials to represent photographs as both drawings and sculptural objects. Tree branches and cardboard packaging (former trees) function
as precarious display supports for a series of recycled landscape photographs. Each sculptural form originates with a rejected test prints, which are recut into
mechanical shapes that belie the organic nature represented in the photographs. Drawn elements trace over the underlying natural forms,and juxtapose a color
palette associated with the 1980s, a decade of excess and a burgeoning conservative political backlash and denial of the scientific consensus on climate change.
Neons, metallic, pinks, and purples point to the artificial and reference the bright colors found in commercial packaging.