in the nature of things
Wherever it looped or ran
Some form or other
A brief suspension
From things that came before
All indifferent decay
A similar effect
forest and field
ground /// terrain
swarm + nest
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Geo-Ontological: Artists Contemplating Deep Time, Cerritos College Art Gallery, California, 2018
Embodied Place: Observations & Notations, Sierra Nevada College, Nevada, 2015, PØST, Los Angeles, 2014
Letting Go, Hermon La Prada International Flat Files, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2012
_ archival inkjet prints
Images made from walks in Los Angeles and Oaxaca, Mexico, provided the raw source material for Ground. These photographs were then composited to explore
the ubiquitous erosion that typifies views of the land within Los Angeles. While responding to the landscape, these images elude the immediacy of our experience
in nature and resist the horizon line and its corresponding agenda to situate the subject within the landscape.
40x40 in

40x40 in

40x40 in
40x40 in
40x40 in