in the nature of things
Wherever it looped or ran
Some form or other
A brief suspension
From things that came before
All indifferent decay
A similar effect
forest and field
ground /// terrain
swarm + nest
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  in the nature of things
The Mill, Prairie Ronde, Michigan, June 2023
_archival inkjet prints, branch, boards, mirrors, wood
in the nature of things was made during the Prairie Ronde residency in Michigan located the site of a 420,000 square foot former Lee Paper Company mill undergoing
a large-scale sustainable redevelopment project. Using materials from the mill’s warehouse, surrounding landscapes and house, materials are arranged, photographed,
and then digitally manipulated. Blurring sites and spaces, these works are paired with photographs taken from walks in the local landscape. Materials of known and
unknown origins are unmoored from their original usage, in the process of being found, misplaced, salvaged, or discarded.