in the nature of things
Wherever it looped or ran
Some form or other
A brief suspension
From things that came before
All indifferent decay
A similar effect
forest and field
ground /// terrain
swarm + nest
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  Forest & Field
PØST, Los Angeles, 2014
Located Place, Kresge Gallery, Lyon College, Arkansas, 2015
_ archival inkjet prints, 2013-14
Forest derives from walks in the woods of Massachusetts. Reconstructed from multiple photographs, these images attempt to resolve themselves into a singular
impossible landscape. This work reference 19th century painting and the romantic sublime yet they are uncanny spaces for our contemporary present.
Hollow, 30.25x42 in.
Velocity, 20x26 in.
Fill, 20x26 in.
Mirrored, 31.25x40.5 in.

Field, 28x36 in.
Mark, 35x42 in.